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Canon XC10 4k Cinema Camera Tips

XC10 Settings

-Delkin Devices Cards work great in all modes HD and 4K

128gb $249.00 an the 256gb is $299.00

-Enabling Face detection (Tracks Faces and objects)-4K Recording use 305mbit for maximum quality.

-Timelapse via the Slow & Fast Motion Menu (x2, x4, x10, x20, x60, x120, x1200). Set to AV when recording sunsets & sunrise otherwise set to manual

-For outdoor shooting in day light you will need a variable ND filter the built-in ND is not enough for bright sunny days.

-I would not go above this range 3200-4000 iso for lowlight recording.

-Picture profiles (1) Standard (2) EOS DSLR Vidid Sharp (3)Wide Dyamic Range (4) EOS Cinema (5) Canon C-log Custom 1 Custom 2

-Picture profiles Custom Settings

PP (1)

Standard: Sharpness 0 Contrast -3 Color Depth -2

PP (2) EOS DSLR Vidid Sharp

Standard: Sharpness 1 Contrast -2 Color Depth -2

PP (3)

Wide Dyamic Range: Sharpness 0 Contrast -4 Color Depth -2

PP (4)

EOS Cinema : Sharpness 0 Contrast -3 Color Depth -3

PP (5)

Canon C-log : Sharpness 1 Contrast -4 Color Depth -2

(When using log you typically use an s-curve when color correcting your clips. I found that this clips the highlights on the clips from the XC10. A U are Arc shape worked better for me preserving the highlights


My first time shooting with the camera. The things I like about the camera. Image quality, Its very well balanced, Light weight, If I purchased this camera I would use it for interviews light weight small form factor easy to travel with.

The Things I do not like

The price point $1999, 1-inch CMOS image sensor limits the depth of field because you have a fixed lens F f/2.8-5.6. Every time I zoomed out I had to change the ISO to compensate for the f stop because the lens dose not have a constant aperture. To get to the ISO setting you have to go through layers of menus. You cannot assign ISO setting to a pre-set button, but you can assign it to the aperture wheel that defeats the purchase because now you have to go into the menu if you want to change the aperture settings. Canon may fix this with firmware in the future. Here are some 4K clips that I filmed fill free to down load the 4K version.


Canon XC10 Low Light

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